Terms of Use

Welcome to our portal i.e. 4mp.in which provides the detailed list of best packers and movers all over India. We act as a mediator in connecting people to the different service provider as per their requirement. We have a digital marketing team who make an online portal of displaying the service provider list to the people. The service providers enlist their service inside our portal which helps them to increase their business. So we are just connecting the people to what they are looking for. The service providers of certain niche enlist with us to get their business growing in a certain way. So there are some terms and conditions for both service providers as well as customers and please read it carefully to get the better services.

Terms and Conditions for Service Providers -

• The first point to be remembered in the mind for the service providers is that they should be very professional while providing the services. There shouldn’t be any friendly relation between the providers and customer which will ruin the services.

• It should also be kept in the mind for the service providers that they should provide quality services to the consumers so that they recommend your services to other people. The expert's team should be provided in the tasks and no compromise would be done with the services.

• The charges that Movers Company will offer should be reasonable and should be within the budget of the customers. Moreover, they should provide timely delivery to the clients without any harm to their belongings.

• The Packers and movers listed in the portal should provide the written invoice to their clients so that they have a proof of what services they have taken with you. They should also connect with the clients during the shifting process.

• The service provider should also coordinate with our portal to make us ensure that they have provided the quality services to the customers. They will also give reviews about the customers if they want to provide the same with us.

Terms and Conditions for the Customers -

• The first point should be kept in the mind that we should bear any responsibility for the details of the service The service provider enlists their name with our portal so that they can make better business in future.

• The customers should verify the details of the service providers at their end. We should not be responsible for any of the services provided by the packers and movers listed nearby you whom you contacted.

• You can also research for the clients of the packers of the movers whom they have provided services in the past. It could easily get with their own websites or the nearby people. Get the best reviews from them about their services.

• The main point you should keep in the mind that we are not liable for the services provided by the listed packers and movers in your area. You both should be wholly responsible if there is the harm in any products during the transportation.

• You should also ask for the insurance services provided by the listed packers and movers in our portal. You should confirm that if they are ready to take the risk occurred during the transportation of your beloved belongings.

• Always take the original copy of the bill or invoice which would help you in the entire future. The quotes they are providing should also be in writing so that there would be no misunderstanding between both the customer and service provider.

• You can also give the review about the particular service provider so that we can display them on the website for the good of the people. The bad reviews can make the people aware of the company services.

Movers and Packers in India – We provide the detailed list of best movers and packers in India near you. The listed relocation company provides the best services at a reasonable cost within the desired time. The listed movers and packers in your area are safe from the safety point of view. The proper safety of the belongings is done by the listed packer and movers. The best shifting service providers have their own transport vehicles of different size which fulfill the needs of the people who want to relocate from one place to another. These listed service providers provide different types of relocation services such as household shifting services, office relocation services, transport of cars and bikes from one place to other and so on. They provide the full safety of each and every time in the transportation.

The best movers and packers in your area guarantee that the belongings related to the household or there is office belongings can reach safely through the transport medium to their desired place. They have a lot of experience in their niche and also they have appoint the best people to their organization so as to build faith and trust among the people who are looking for the best transportation services. These experts are also well versed in providing the packing and moving services as they know how to pack the delicate items and how to move the items from one place to another safely within the desired time.

It is very general in the sense that the people have to relocate to another place in search for the employment opportunity or in search of the healthy living. People have the mentality in the mind that they have to raise the standard of living and they can’t be happy from their current lifestyle. So they started building their good lifestyle and in order for building the status, they unknowingly have to move to another place just to grow themselves in terms of lifestyle and job opportunities. So as they have to shift from one place to other, they always need someone who helps in shifting their items and belongings to their desired place. The task can be done easily with the help of others but the safety is not there in moving the items.

So, in order to maintain the safety of the goods during the transportation of several household items, they need some trustable organization that can carry their task of relocating the various precious items from one place to another safely. The trusted organizations are the best movers and packers in your area who take proper care of the materials during the moving of the items. Some of the credit also goes to the expert people in that organization who packed the items delicately, so that it will reach safely to the required place. So as we have discussion above we came to the conclusion that the packers and movers are the organization who can help the people in relocating their items to the new house or a new office as required by the people.